Pidilite Industries Limited, Mumbai

Pidilite Industries Limited

Pidilite Industries Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of Organic Pigments in India. Over 50 years of manufacturing experience in this field which is supported by a state of the art Research and Development department. The expertise in product development, color matching and profound technical knowledge of pigments makes it possible to offer the tools to the client’s need to compete in their field.

  • For Azo Pigments
  • Orange-Red-Violet-Yellow

Mazda Colours Limited, Mumbai

Mazda Colours Limited

Mazda’s extensive range of products is used in paints, plastics, printing inks, detergents, rubber, textiles amongst several other applications. We have a few primary tenets: an uncompromising attitude towards product quality, customer service, environmental and employee safety and social responsibility. But what makes Mazda a truly world-class company is our unyielding commitment to empower our employees to innovate, sustainably.

  • For Phthalocyanine Pigments
  • Blues and Greens

Wolkem Limited, Udaipur, Rajastan

Wolkem Limited

Wolkem a 100% family owned business was established in 1972 in Rajasthan, in the North-West of India, These early hardships forged Wolkem into a company that is today:

  • The world’s largest miner and producer of Wollastonite.
  • India’s leading miner and producer of Calcite (GCC).
  • India’ leading producer of Wet Ground Calcium Carbonate (WGCC).
  • Having a portfolio of 9 industrial Minerals namely Wollastonite, Talc, GCC, WGCC, PCC, Lime, Limestone, Dolomite, Cenospheres and 3diversified business interests namely White Marble, Consultancy Services and Print Media.
  • Having operations in 4 countries and 20 mining and processing plants in 6 Indian states.
  • Produces over 100 mineral grades/products.
  • Sells to over 20 diversified customer industries.
  • Exports to over 20 countries across 4continents.
  • Employs over 2000 people.
  • A company which regularly wins awards for its exceptional performance in Mining, R&D, Exports, Health and Safety, Environment Management and Social Welfare.

Daltech Industries LLP, Vadodara

Daltech Corporation

Established in 2010, the company is growing leaps and bounds year by year. The company is manufacturing premium quality products for textile industries. With a young and dynamic team, the company shows a lot of promise to cater the large and upcoming textile industry.

  • Finishing Agents
  • Coatings for textiles